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About Us

Signature Furniture is a Family-Owned, Family-Run business branching out with more than 30 years of experience, serving the northern New Jersey region. 

Our business has traveled north, south, west and east in our efforts to serve or customers to infinite limits. 

Our business goal is not only to sell, but to establish a continuous relationship with our clients. Customers feel like family in our stores, because we are a family business. 

You stumble into our stores the first time as a customer and then return feeling like you have a second home to go to. 

We offer a tremendous range of products by hundreds of distributors and manufacturers from all around the world. 

We pride ourselves with the work and effort we put into serving our customers. We provide more than just regular retail, we work with you to establish a home setting that you will WANT to come home to everyday after a long day's work.  

We research products; specs, sizes, colors, details, all in an effort to find you EXACTLY what you are looking for. We make sure you love it! And above all, we make sure you get what you need, what you want, for a price that can't be beat anytime, anywhere!! 

Nobody provides the service we do, for the unbelievable prices we have to offer. 

All we want is for you to step into our store once, and we'll guarantee you'll be back, even if just to say 'Hello', as many of our customers do.